When I am not dancing with my muse on another blog, Tournesol dans un Jardin I am working with youths on a help line; and when I am not doing either, I am here pounding my chest with both fists as I step up on my soapbox.                                                                                                                                                             

I am a Family Life Educator/life skills facilitator and counsellor on a help line for youths. I have moved back to Montreal after residing in Toronto for 13 years to be closer to my family. I learned you can make a home anywhere as long as you have support.

I’m a person, a woman, a daughter, a mom of two amazing  adult children, and a grandmother of the most brilliant and precious grandson, and mom to a rescue cat, Siberian mix, Bette (after my mom’s nickname) and Kali, a beautiful black cat.Image may contain: cat

I am currently a counsellor, a would be poet, writer,  feminist {Oh, the good kind not the radical kind…even many men share my views :D},  I am also a champion {and not a survivor}, an advocate, a dreamer and a believer.

I have volunteered and worked in the social and mental health field for over 30 years {let’s make believe I started at 10!}  I was influenced by my maternal grandmother who was a midwife and self-taught village community nurse/volunteer and my mother, who was a hairstylist, hence every woman’s confidante/counsellor who made them feel beautiful both inside and out. I am also a talker! Sometimes I just have so much to say that I have to write it all out or share with my alter ego, Emma, the best listener in in the universe.

Hopefully,  this will be a place to share ideas as well. Comments and feedback about your thoughts or experiences can only enrich this blog all the more. 

I realize that more often than not, the converted will be my main reader,  but I would like to think that once in a while someone new will stumble by and learn something or shift just a little, in his/her way of viewing things.

Stigma is a label we put on people who appear to belong to a certain group…to fit in a box or under a label. In this blog there will be discussions on pretty much every “ism” you can think of.  It is not reserved only to mental health and will include such areas as learning differences, abuse {physical, emotional, sexual}, single parenting, homelessness, careers and chronic pain. That is just to name a few.  The realm of bigotry is huge but I like to believe (I’m a believer, remember?) that it is mainly due to lack of information.  I guess that would make me a hopeful optimist too.

I am a member of the Ass. Québecois de Schizophrénie, The Canadian Mental Health Ass in Montreal, Ami-Quebec, the only support group for English speaking people in the entire province of Quebec for those suffering from Mental Illness and their families and friends,

Mostly likely, I will also be sharing new  information I learned at conferences I attend including those every fall at the Douglas Hospital (McGill University) on mental health issues.

All comments will be published, unless they are inappropriate (for more info, check About this Blog for comment etiquette.) I may edit comments that may be triggering for readers for example someone who self-harms and uses graphic language, it will be edited.

That said, this could be a great way to offer ideas and support to families, youths, parents and professionals working with youths and families. We all learn from each other.

I hope you enjoy some of the posts.



43 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Besides being a beautiful human being, you are a gorgeous woman. Namaste & Ciao Bella.


      1. Every woman should blush at least once a day, good for the complexion. 😉


  2. Hello, Hope you are doing fine and helping youth with their mental issues and emotional issues . (Keep it up). I am here to thanks you that you liked my Post R.I.P MH370. I just want to keep them in my prayers , only prayers and support can help them and their families now. Though i am still surprised , as it looks very strange in 2014. How come an aircraft just vanished from air ? without any sign ? What is your opinion ? Anyway i am glad that i met you and wishing all the best to you May Allah bless you and Tao. ameen


    1. It is a mystery!! it boggles my mind that we can lose an aircraft and I do not think we will ever know in this lifetime what really happend. We must pray for the families in this tragedy…I cannot even imagine how they can cope with such a traumatic situation.


      1. I hope so for the future, yet, little comfort to the families and friends. Hearing talk constantly on the news must be heart wrenching for them.


      2. This is the reason why i sometimes dislike media so much freedom. There must be some rules, atleast they should not exploit humanity intentionally or un intentionally by themselves.


  3. I’m so glad you stopped by my blog – I’m fascinated because you’ve touched on so many areas where we share very similar ideas/beliefs. Thank you so much.
    Susan x


  4. I sent you an e-mail instead of commenting here, my bad. Let me just say that standing up for those who can’t defend themselves because of incomprehensible not-so-cultural factors is one of the most honourable things to do.


  5. Yes, I hope there will be people who check in on your blog who are not already ‘enlightened’ who will consider your thoughts and *rants* and be impacted by them. Look forward to reading more from you 🙂


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      1. Yeah I am better, This morning was just an awful blip..
        It happened twice before in months. Pain does silly things to us.

        Welcome to the Family 🙂


      1. The way I see it is, Helping others helps me..And I am just kind that way, Really 🙂
        And you deserve them for being an amazing person who gave me good advice and helped me laugh after a rubbish day,, well start to the day..

        Pleasure is mine Cheryl x


    1. I do have a few blogs. 1) chershares.org which is just me on anything 2) Stigmahurtseveryone is more specific where I get on my soapbox sometimes. I am a mental health professional and believe more should be said and shared about mental health. One in 5 will experience one form of mental health condition in a lifetime…but so little is said. So yes, I also dare to share about myself too although I do feel many stigmatize mental illness including professionals:( I have a third blog that is anonymous though so I can just tell it like it is. Due to the nature of my work, that is partly the reason but the main reason is I am able to write uncensored…and not worry about offending anyone. I find that blog cathartic and other times just plain fun. That’s why I love your blog…you just tell it like it is:) Cheryl-Lynn


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