About my BLOGS

At StigmaHurtsEveryone.info I like to talk about stereotyping, racism, well all the “isms” should be included, stigma we put on certain issues related to mental health as well as any situation that is “stigmatized” to the point that victims do not get help; sometimes it is professionals as well that need sensitizing to help victims of labels.

Tournesol dans un Jardin is my poetry blog mainly Waka (Japanese form poetry) under my nom de plume, Tournesol.

Comments protocol – All comments will be viewed after approval, but anything prejudiced, offensive or just plain cruel will be drawn quickly like a magnet to the delete button.   WordPress has  a spam filter in use, which I have no control over – it decides what is spam and what isn’t and so I do check in there now and then as some regular bloggers have mistakenly been moved to that folder.

Contact Info – If you have any questions using any content from my blog, you may contact me at cheryllynnroberts.ca@gmail.com. 

If you have comments to inform, educate and enlighten me and the public, by all means, you are welcome.

Namaste, I am humbled by your visit.


N.B.  Please do not steal…just give credit where credit is due.  We are all ONE big happy family at WordPress. Thanks!

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