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A Bipolar Journey Through the Rabbit Hole…

A blogger and person I admire very much has an excellent blog where she also added a section on Books. So I am coping her idea . Until I get it set up proper, I have copied a post I wrote about a few books I read.    You might like to take a peak (you will do more than peak, I am sure!) at her list at A Bipolar Journey Through the Rabbit Hole…I know, eh? the title in itself is catching and you just can’t help but want to read more…I sure did!

Finding My Inner Courage

An interesting blog about a person who suffers chronic pain each day growing spiritually and sharing her process.  This is what she says about her blog: “My blog will share the chronic pain I suffer every day. Rather than being afraid by the pain I suffer, it is from my pain that I have grown. The intention of my blog is to share my journey and the information I have discovered through trial and error in an attempt to help those in my situation achieve improved health into their pain and suffering.”


A writer who offers hope and light to those who struggle with learning disability and mental illness and support to their family and friends.  A generous person who shares her struggles and how she finally sees a ray of light. Anna Rose says, “Overall, this site is for everyone and everyone who needs a ray of light in the dark, understanding voice, and nonjudgmental encouragement giver.”

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