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My rant on the “R” word, yet again…

I suppose when you have a specific pet peeve, you just have to elaborate on why it “peeves” you…why it grates at you and why it is totally NOT okay to say certain things.

And, yes, I have blogged about this before but it seems only the converted are reading my blog, so maybe I shall try to share this a bit more on Facebook, Twitter and Google+…I wish I could send direct emails sometimes or  just slap some folks silly in the face…yep, you heard me! In the face…because behind the head can be a good visual but not okay to do literally, at any time…we never fool around with hitting a person’s noggin…no way.

So what is my pet peeve I wish to share today, you ask? The R word and in French that would be the M word.  I know I am preaching mostly to the converted but, in case I manage to catch the attention of a few peeps on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, well, I am referring to when you say “Ah, don’t be such a Retard” or “Aye, fais pas ta Mongol!”   Can you believe hearing these remarks on school grounds?  Yeah, probably by several youths.  Can you believe hearing this in some bars, pubs, terraces or  home parties and such? Yes, unfortunately, you probably would!    They are still NOT okay BUT  when I hear them uttered by professionals in the medical or mental health field, I am fuming…you got that!  Do you see the steam coming out of your computer yet?! It makes me want to swear, throw a tantrum, a literal meltdown, kick someone in the butt and slap them silly…and that is STILL not enough!

Some may be feeling the shoe may not quite fit them…here are a few things to help jog your memory and to sit with these thoughts for a little while… sharing this blog on social networks will help,perhaps…  just to make sure you ALL feel included!!  I do not discriminate when bitching about ignorance…we are  so plenty and  many more to go around STILL.

Social network comment: don’t be such a retard!

French equivalence: fais dont pas ta mongol!

It is not funny, it is humiliating hearing such remarks from adults and especially from professionals. So this is my rant once again…and when you, to whom the shoe fits just nice and snug, Puleeze, do not tell me, “it’s just a joke among friends. I don’t think this way.”  Well, how are your friends family and people within ear shot going to know the difference what is Okay and what is inappropriate? It is totally hurtful and very very demeaning?

Huh?  How are you going to be able to explain to the kid who snickered sitting next to you on a park bench or in a restaurant?

Huh?  How is the STIGMA going to STOP if we still hear comments that are demeaning from professionals and adults?  Just explain that to me…because I guess I am just not savvy enough to understand YOUR way of thinking…The End {for now}