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Cyberbullying 101 – A Rap

An interesting rap and a meaningful poem…

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Are You a Cyberbully?

A good read on the cruelty of cyber bullies…


Bullies, bullies everywhere,
No longer just a school affair
For into cyberspace they’ve gone,
Their faces hidden with a yawn
While posting pictures of someone
To laugh at just because it’s fun,
Or texting messages all day
With words that they would never say,
Not caring if it’s wrong or right,
Though most would run from a REAL fight –
Because they can, because you laugh,
Because you “like” on their behalf,
Because it’s cool and not just mean
When done from a cowardly screen,
While someone cries and drowns in pain,
You “like” and “share” again, again.  Copyright 2013 © Sonya Annita Song

For Tracesofthesoul: Cyberbullying Campaign.

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Release Me

Release Me is a raw and sad reality of cyberbullying…


Release me past morning breath and across divides,
Release me where struggle, spin and a sell subsides.
Release me among the smog, cleansing souls of black,
Release me to whitewashed rooms to dispel attack.
Release me before bread, I’ll bring you to your knees,
Release me for eyes wetter than reverent, endless seas.
Release me to a friend and let me be theirs to be,
Release me into the skin of a long held enemy.
Release me like a yellow balloon into moody skies,
Release me so cruelty from ill word and action dies.
Release me in adults for inner children do laugh loud,
Release me and keep me not in a deathly shroud.
Release me upon this world like seeds angels sow,
Release me now, long before the final horn will blow.

Copyright © 2013 Shainbird. All rights reserved.

Note: This post serves to fulfill two prompts. The poem…

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young teen thinking of problems SILOUETTECyberbullying

Bullying is certainly most youths’ nightmares at some point in their lives. Usually the bullying stops when you are in the privacy of your home. The problem with Cyberbullying is that it NEVER turns off…EVER!

Cyberbullying is repeated aggression using electronic devices such as computers, cell phones and tablets. I was checking on Sick Kids’ website in Toronto and was shocked to see these stats. This article was dated 2011 so it has mostly likely increased since then!

These are stats for 8 to 11 year olds {I still cannot believe this…shocking!}
– 18% use social networking sites such as Facebook despite meeting age requirements!
– 58% communicate through internet or cell phone and 31% have their own cell phone!
– 28% of those who own a phone send and receive texts and 21% have internet on their phone
– By age 11, children text an average of 80 minutes a day!

Cyberbullying is upsetting because it is so invasive filtering in the homes of youths and young adults.
50% of victims do not even know who their aggressors are. Lots of youths remain silent for fear of having their personal electronics removed!

Parental monitoring does not help
Children may be too savvy for parents because monitoring apparently shows little results according to Burr J. Correlates of electronic aggression in elementary school students. Montreal 2011
Open communication is key to protect against cyberbullying. So talk about it! Not just one sit down discussion about it but ongoing communication…open dialogues!

Cyberbullying is powerful because the person bullying is able to hide behind a monitor, smart phone or tablet and most times he/she can get away with it. Things get blown out of proportion pretty quickly too. We call that viral…you know when you see a comment along with a photo about someone on Facebook for example and someone clicks “like”…worse yet, others “share” that status and it has gone viral within minutes!

Bystanders/witnesses ARE guilty too! If you clicked “like” or “share” on an insulting comment on someone’s Facebook page, you are saying you agree with the “bully”. Yep, just as guilty.
You get an email with a compromising photo of a classmate. Your hand goes to your gaping mouth and seconds later you have forwarded to 10 of your buddies. You have just implicated yourself as being connected with this “bully”.

You get a text message of a friend who is at a party and took a few shots of peers in embarrassing positions that make them look worse than what really was going on at that party. DON’T you dare press FORWARD…ah, geez, you did…too late…you are now part of a team of “bullies” who have made the life of a young girl miserable…so much so that she is suffering depression and has suicidal thoughts. Now you hear about this girl has quit school or moved to another town and you think to yourself, “Gee, we were just clowning around.!” Oh, yeah? Think again!

What can adults do to help? Well, for starters, parents may give their children some guidelines on etiquette; consequences of spreading rumours is 1,000,000,000 times worse than word of mouth. Teachers may include in their language arts classes, etiquette on the internet {gee that rhymes!}
It would be great if some of these tips were offered in an interactive way and made to have some fun. If youths interact with new information, chances are they will retain.

There are laws now regarding to Cyber bullying and don’t kid yourself, the police CAN trace who is the bully…so watch out! Oh, and no need to say it is a free world and you have freedom of speech. Once you have denigrated, shamed, humiliated and hurt another person and their reputation…all that goes out the window and in the huge garbage bin. GET IT!?? Sorry if I seem a bit snarky. I hear too often from youths who suffer at the hands of those “cruel” digits clicking on their cell phones, tablet or computers way too many times in any given week…really!

It breaks my heart and frustrates me to no end to get a phone call from a youth that is devastated by some kid who decided it would be cool and fun to put up a web page and have their peers comment on one that youth. How cruel is that? How can that be fun? I don’t care if you say, “I didn’t know it would go that far.” IT DID go too far!

The media talks about way tragic losses through suicides…youths have taken their lives due to the persecution of cyberbullying. I spoke with a mom in June whose daughter did take her life due to bullying. It broke my heart. I feel so powerless when a youth calls…I wish I could do more. When they hang up, I worry that kid may not pull through. I cannot even fathom how a parent must feel having to experience such a tragic loss. Can you?

The media is covering this topic more and more lately. Is it because they care? Well, let’s be frank now, tragedy sells papers. That sickens me, yes, but good reporters, I believe, have a moral responsibility to inform the public…we do need to be aware of the dangers of this to prevent it from happening over and over. More importantly as parents and responsible adults don’t we want to protect our children?

Social networks do have means to help curb or even stop cyberbullying from propagating. Many youths who say they keep seeing negative comments on their statuses, I usually tell them to report! It is getting even easier now I noticed on Facebook this week, you can obviously “unfriend” a person by going on their FB page, click “message” at the top right hand side and a menu drops down and click “unfriend” BUT, on this same menu, just above “unfriend” is “Report/block” and THAT is where you can so easily report the abuse. Twitter, Tumblr and so many others are similar…so parents, who are aware your children are on these sites, perhaps before they get on, it would be great to navigate the sites with your child to see what the safety precautions are.

There is so much I could talk about but I’ll end here and list a few articles/sites you can get more information.

Oh, by the way, I was interviewed last with by the Montreal Gazette on Cyberbullying so I’ll add that as a resource too…what the heck {Wink}

© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts,, August 30, 2013

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Boys will be Boys

Boys will be boys
always use that excuse
boys will be boys
and the girls always lose.

So what do you think
should be done to those boys?
How will they learn
from right and from wrong?
Saying that girls are bad
and they deserve what they had
is just as bad as YOU taking that pic
spreading it around just makes me sick.

Boys will be boys
is not an excuse
boys will be boys
and the girls always lose.

Spreading it around is called
child pornography
did you know that at all
when ya’ll took that photography?

Boys will be boys
stop using that excuse
boys will be boys
and the girls always lose.

We have to teach all our kids
how to be decent, respectful people!
all that sexting you just can’t get rid
of it … spreading like a constant ripple.

Boys will be boys
don’t use that excuse
boys will be boys
and the girls always lose.

Children playing with grown-up toys
knowing not how to ever play nice.
Naïve girls trusting these boys
oblivious to intentions and  their vice.

Boys will be boys
it’s just not an excuse
boys will be boys
and the girls always lose.

Parents take time to teach your kid
boy or girl, from right and wrong
no excuse is good enough to rid
the long term damage will be strong.

Boys will be boys
but they should know better
boys will become men
and will soon be a father.
How would dad feel
if this happened to his daughter?

Boys will be boys
you can’t use that excuse
boys will be boys
and the girls always lose.

Wake up adults and parents too
help these boys and girls mature
teach them all the right thing to do
so they`ll always be reassured,
rather than be guarded and circumspect
safeguard their dignity and self-respect.

Boys will be boys
is no longer an excuse
stop playing with toys
prompting girls to lose.

Sexting, texting to make them a fool
is a dangerous game and so very cruel;
boys, girls, stand firm together
to stop this repulsive and gross behaviour.

© Cheryl-Lynn, November 15, 2013

Need Help Now
Kids Help Phone
Internet Safety

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National Bullying week November 18th to 23rd, 2013


National Bullying Week November 18th to November 23rd, 2013
It is time to create more awareness of what goes on month after month, year after year.
Sexting, cyberbullying, bullying and making a youth`s life a living hell is NOT  what being  a youth is all about.
Let`s be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Please,  do not forward any email or social network posts, that can hurt another person, even if you think it’s funny at the time.  Just ask yourself, “How would I feel if this was shared?” BEFORE clicking share.

Always pause and think before you post and click “enter”. Adjust your settings so you have to actually point your mouse on “reply” rather than just “enter”. That can save YOU and another person lots of grief.

Always report cyberbullying to network administrators. If you see any sexting (photos  of a sexual nature etc.) forward to to prevent the spread of child pornography. Did you know that even if the person is a teenager, spreading any photos of a sexual nature is STILL considered Child Pornography. Do you want your teen to be involved with this? I don’t think so.

If you are a Bystander / Witness to cyberbullying, take a stand. If you click “like” or “share” you are actually part of the problem and only perpetuating the bullying.   So think TWICE before clicking.

Parents, sit down with your children/teens and show them how to remain safe from predators but also how to be respectful and learn on-line courtesy.

Don’t click share
If you care,
Think before you click
on ANY of those pics
Clicking LIKE is very serious
Clicking SHARE spreads like a virus.
Sometimes silence,
translates compliance
If it’s cruel don’t add to the pain
by clicking SHARE again and again.

© Cheryl-Lynn, November 15, 2013

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Kids Help Phone

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A photo that went viral

A photo that went viral by Cheryl-Lynn

Hey! Why d’you take that pic last night?
Man, you sure didn’t have a right
to use your phone and take that shot!
Man, you’d better hide your face
behind your screen, to not get caught.
You made her look like a disgrace
why d’ya take that shot last night?
it looks like D… was high as a kite
we all know she’s a good girl alright
she never did drugs and no alcohol
so why make her look like a doped up doll?
Oh man, this’ll ruin her reputation
everyone clicking Like and Share
how can she survive this humiliation?!
the news is out and spreading like wild fire
it’s feeling worse than a house on fire
Oh man, this’ll ruin her reputation
everyone clicking Like and Share
how can she survive this humiliation?!

© Cheryl-Lynn, resubmited November 14, 2013

National Bullying Week commences November 18th to 23rd, 2013