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You’re Beautiful!

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Life was so much simpler as a child

You could play and just go wild

Seeing only laughter and beauty

around you and then you grew up.


Do you know how beautiful you are?

the last few years, I could barely see you

you were so tiny, I feared hugging you,

crushing your bones, you were that small;

I remember seeing you back then…

the wind was blowing and I could swear

it was pushing you farther from where

I was sitting on the park bench waiting

watching, silently observing you wasting

away and praying for a miracle.

That was two years ago my friend,

now the miracle did transcend

you are beautiful just as you are.

Too bad you don’t see that far

and that soon you will eat a little…

purge a lot, and you will never settle

for healthy,  because you don’t see

YOU as you are, you miss all that beauty.

Alas, I pray that someday your insight

will see beauty within, as well as in the light

of day…blessings my friend.

© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, October 24, 2013

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Body Love

Body image, fitting in…pressure from peers, media…what else? Is it not enough to be a teen and live through the angst, the hormones flaring like a roller coaster?  Exciting as it can be, being a teen, the pressures are enormous!
I have written about Eating disorders, Weighing in  and influences of ads and the media; there are always pressures to fit in as well as Self-Injury which is so misunderstood. Here is a video I want to share that Mary Lambert seems to sum it up so beautifully.

You are more than your body image, you are beautiful inside and out. Cliché as that may sound, try to adhere to these principals, you  will be rising to better places…emotionally, physically and psychologically.

Hope you enjoy the video as much as I did…

Mary Lambert – Body Love

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Make the ads skinnier why don’t ya?!!

This was an ad on Facebook a while ago…you know on the right hand side to catch your attention?  They did a survey, (Facebook did) and mostly women click on those pesky and annoying ads.  Well, to see this photo to attract mostly women, is an insult. Perhaps it was to attract the sensitive type, or maybe it was to shock the healthy type who thrives on a healthy body,  not the size and shape it should be, or maybe just maybe it was to attract a vulnerable person whose self depends only on what media portrays and a fragile person perhaps, whose body mass equates to her self-worth or another person who never accepts the body he/she has been graced with.

sick society we live in with diets that kill the body and mostly the mind

Well, the photo angered ME because I could see how it would attract any vulnerable person and the name Dr. …. Well, it seems to endorse the article because one would think a medical professional “knows best”. You would think…(And yes, I know the doctor had nothing to do with this particular image….personally). But it’s THERE right out in the Facebook public!!  So pardon me for taking a few moments to rant at my leisure.

I don’t care what the article is about!  I don’t give a care why the advertisers did it…what sickens me is to see such an image to shock, hurt, attract, tease, tempt or scare anyone into reading the darn article.

Keep holding on if you are battling with an eating disorder, if you are in treatment, if you are in recovery…if you have friends or family struggling with this…tell them…to remember to keep holding on.

I’m done now.  Rant terminated…for now.  CL

P.S. There ARE lots of good things on social networks, here is something I liked and saw on No BODY is Perfect.

check this out