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5 Reasons why I don’t like psychiatric medications – but I still take them

There are many reasons one might NOT want to take medication for their mental health condition…here are a few that are explained so well by Amy Gamble at Shedding Light on Mental Illness opening a dialogue to help remove the stigma on mental illness.

I remember taking blood pressure medication for a few months and feeling like I was walking in sand…so slow until we adjusted the dosage. It as so tempting to stop those first weeks.

Years ago I worked in home-care and a client with Parkinson would sometimes hallucinate due to the medication she was taking to manage the shaking of her limbs. It was not perfect but it enabled her to have some control of her body.

After reading this post, have a visit on the various helpful topics Amy shares with her readers.


A little bit about moi: I am a mom, a nana, a sister, a woman, a friend, a human being…a youth counsellor, Family Life Educator. I have been working in the helping profession for over 25 years and volunteered in various capacities from youths to seniors. Tournesol is my nom de plume for haiku and other Japanese form poetry here at Tournesoldansunjardin I hope you enjoy reading through my daily waka. I also have another blog "Stop the Stigma" where I may stand on my soapbox now and then and hope it will become a place to drop in and share or comment on issues important to you. In that vein this could be a great way to learn from each other. Namaste!

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