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This IS so beautifully penned…forgiving actually does set us free. Forgiving oneself may be harder (I know I struggled with this one) but this poem is a good reminder why it is important that we do. Thank you, Wendell

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There are many alive among
us who live embracing certain
unhappiness each day

They are so full of such
hatred for another who may
have hurt them in some way

They find they can never
release the pain inflicted
deep within their lives

They hold onto that hurt each
day as they live never letting
hatreds flame To die

They want them to suffer much
each moment of their daily
lives in many ways

Only finding in the end the only
ones who suffer are those whose
hearts became hatred’s lasting

Many say by their words they love
God above all, yet they still allow
the hurt in their lives to stay

When there is One who paid the
ultimate price casting away all
of hatreds most painful chains

Many still are turning away from
the living One who died setting
all of their lives free one time

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