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Beware of Holy C. Melan

Her nickname is Melan,

she is of sly, slithering species

tantalizing in her distinct bouquet

mesmerizing in her discrete array

of victims of her choosing

dripping bliss as she`s oozing

her prisoners of despair

suffer anguish in her care.

Hallowed in her divine

prowess she will define

the true painful meaning

finds her prey ever demeaning

suffering the wrought of her ability

winning casualties of her torment

sinking teeth of Ms. Melan C. Holy

whilst innocent souls lament.

© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/04/05 All Rights Reserved

Too often the powers of depression or long dreaded visits of melancholy can bring a person down. Not everyone has to be diagnosed with clinical, situational or other forms of depression to relate to these feelings of despair and I thought this poem describes the tormenting visits of this Melan C Holy baby.

I will also be posting this same poem at CherShares under Poetry, just because…I can {grins}.



A little bit about moi: I am a mom, a nana, a sister, a woman, a friend, a human being…a youth counsellor, Family Life Educator. I have been working in the helping profession for over 25 years and volunteered in various capacities from youths to seniors. Tournesol is my nom de plume for haiku and other Japanese form poetry here at Tournesoldansunjardin I hope you enjoy reading through my daily waka. I also have another blog "Stop the Stigma" where I may stand on my soapbox now and then and hope it will become a place to drop in and share or comment on issues important to you. In that vein this could be a great way to learn from each other. Namaste!

3 thoughts on “Beware of Holy C. Melan

  1. Oh wow, this is good. I don’t know if I told you or not before my my Alexanderia suffers from depression. I first noticed it when she was 14, I walked into her room to find her in the corner crying hysterically, Mom I don’t want to live she said. What a shock it was but I got her some help in fact I had her hospitalized at a wonderful facility in Tulsa. Gosh she was so full of fear and at first I felt responsible. Her dr assured me that it was nothing that I did or didn’t do that sometimes teens go through this and we have to help them make it. BOY that was rough. Not to mention the fact that she was on a insulin pump and had the means to take her own life right there so it was scary. You know now she’s 20 and I ask her about that time now and she says she doesn’t remember much of it. BOY I sure do every detail because I walked though it with her. Now sometimes I’ll get a text or phone call she’ll say, “Mom I’m sad, for no reason I’m just sad is that ok?” Of course it’s ok to be sad for no reason, sometimes you need to cry. Anyway, I know this one Cheryl all too well. Hugs to you sweet friend. I hope you have a great weekend! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much, Michelle Marie, for sharing this. That must have been so difficult for you seeing your daughter in that state. I am glad you were with her and got her the help she needed for recovery. If teens and young adults got help “sooner” rather than later, the recovery is usually shorter. So that is a good thing. Thanks so much for sharing this, Michelle Marie, so others can read that there is help, there is treatment and there definitely IS recovery. Have a great weekend you too!! xx


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